Webinar: One-stop Solution for MSA Compliance

Operationalizing and Automating the Key Requirements under Australia's Modern Slavery Act (MSA)


Webinar On Demand

With the deadline for compliance with Australia's Modern Slavery Act rapidly approaching, we're happy to share the second webinar on demand in our series on helping you and your company quickly understand what it is, what's needed, and how to ensure your company is in compliance.

Watch to learn:

  • The Blueprint and Foundations for Building an MSA Compliance Program
  • How to Automate the Assessment Process and Component of an MSA Compliance Program
  • How to Evaluate Risk, and Track and Remediate Issues through Understanding the Responses and Assigning Risk Ratings
  • How to Draft Your Annual Modern Slavery Act Statement by Aligning Your Annual Statement to Your Results
  • Other important Modern Slavery Compliance tips and take-aways from our speakers, Elena Lovoy, Chief Regulatory Counsel and Privacy Officer, and Pratik Patel, Solutions Engineering Director, CENTRL