Let's meet up at GAIM Ops!

CENTRL is excited to share the latest enhancements to CentrlGPT, the first of its kind generative AI solution that acts as a virtual Diligence Analyst.

CentrlGPT Smart Evaluation
    • Assists analysts by automatically evaluating incoming questionnaires and documents
    • Identifies high-risk items for review and raises flags with supporting rationale
    • Enables diligence teams to prioritize and take action rather than manually combing through questions and documents
    • Offers pre-trained industry models “in a box” from AIMA, ILPA and others
    • Seamlessly digitizes and automatically answers incoming RFPs, DDQs, and security questionnaires
    • Automatically answer questionnaires using CENTRL’s domain trained AI model with a high degree of accuracy
    • Effortlessly maintain a centralized and reliable source of responses
    • Streamlined review process that customizes to your team’s workflow