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Streamline Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

An evolving cyber security threat landscape and new consumer privacy regulations have intensified the pressure for security teams and consultants to automate their cyber assessments. Legacy processes are resource-intensive, manual, and don't provide the analytical insights required to properly identify risks and close the gaps. CENTRL's Cyber360 platform is an automated end-to-end solution that simplifies the cyber assessment process and deploys automated dashboards for comprehensive privacy analytics.

Watch to learn:

  • How to streamline and automate your cybersecurity risk assessments with customizable templates
  • Best practices to utilize privacy analytics and quantitative scoring to identify security gaps 
  • The different models for cyber assessments based on industry-leading frameworks and regulations 
  • A live walk through of a cyber security assessment with a practical example
  • Other important cybersecurity tips and takeaways from Pratick Patel, Solutions Engineering Director at CENTRL